MCXV Feature: Shining star Teraj looks to turn artistic passion into philanthropy, "Defy"ing all odds

By Gino Terrell

Growing up in Miami with seven siblings and a single mother is what ultimately inspired Teraj as an artist.

Friday Teraj dropped his single “We Got Each Other” a track featured on his upcoming album “Defy” expected to release in September. The title of the album “represents everything,” Teraj says, “defying the odds, overcoming every obstacle.” Before Teraj became a songwriter, dancer or a model, he first learned how to overcome challenges in life and saw this through his mother.

Teraj’s father passed away early so it was up to his mother to take care of him along with his four sisters and three brothers. Even on a $14,000 salary his mother pulled off “a miracle” Teraj says, explaining she raised them well in the inner city of Miami; and still to this day Teraj is amazed knowing all she did with what little she had. This internal strength combined with support from family helped him go further when practicing the arts...

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