Teraj Announces May 31 Release Date for Album "DEFY"

Crafting a genre-blurring genus of pop, fusing R&B, soul and EDM with effortless refinement and assurance, Miami-born and NYC-based singer, model and TV personality, Teraj announces May 31 release date for upcoming highly anticipated album, DEFY. With tracks engineered by the team behind Calvin Harris’ song “Blame” the album features production by Danny Bobby (Young Thug, Rich The Kid), Al Sween (Akon), Vezzo, The Culture and Teraj himself. The album will be released on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and all DSPs.

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Teraj Allen
Windy City Times: SHOWBIZ Creative Emmys, Terrence McNally, singer Teraj, Lady Gaga honor

Teraj—an openly bisexual, Miami-born artist/former model/TV personality who now lives in New York City—has released his pop/R&B/EDM debut EP, DEFY Pt. 1, a press release noted. With multiple tracks engineered by the team behind Calvin Harris' song "Blame," and jointly produced by Danny Bobby, Vezzo and Teraj himself, the EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all digital platforms. See TerajMusic.com .

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R&B’s “Defy”ing revolutionary artist Teraj drops EP “DEFY Pt. 1”

By Gino Terrell

When I accidentally called Teraj earlier this month it was perfect timing, he said.

It was perfect because Teraj was anticipating the release of his debut EP “DEFY, Pt. 1.” Officially dropping this past Friday, April 27, the EP includes singles “We Got Each Other” and “Give It Up” adding “Defy” and “Fallen” to the mix. Working on the last two tracks he was so focused that he couldn’t even spend the holidays with family. This is part one of three of his EP “DEFY” leading to his debut album.

“I was going nonstop,” Teraj said of himself working on music and closing a real estate deal in January…

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Artist to Watch: Rising Pop/R&B Artist Teraj Defies the Odds with Debut EP, ‘DEFY Pt. 1’

By Jack Barnes

Miami-born artist transplanted in NYC, a former model and TV personality, Teraj releases his much anticipated debut EP, DEFY Pt. 1. With multiple tracks engineered by the team behind Calvin Harris’ song “Blame” and jointly produced by Danny Bobby, Vezzo and Teraj himself, the debut EP was released on April 27th on iTunesSpotifyGoogle Play, and all digital platforms.

The former resident performer at Manhattan’s trendy Iguana Lounge, Teraj, singer and songwriter, is the rising maverick of Pop and R&B. Teraj is also a Cornell graduate who wrote, arranged, and co-produced all of his own tracks for this debut EP, DEFY. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump and please share this with friends…

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BRASH! Dishing the Debut | DEFY Pt. 1 by Teraj

New York, NY – Miami-born artist transplanted in NYC, a former model and TV personality, Teraj​ is ready to release his much anticipated debut EP, DEFY Pt. 1​, coming April 27th. ​With multiple tracks engineered by the team behind Calvin Harris’ song “Blame” and jointly produced by Danny Bobby, Vezzo and Teraj​ himself, the debut EP is set to show the industry that Teraj is continuing to shatter his goals…

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Teraj's DEFY, Pt. 1 set for release on April 27, 2018!

Monday, April 9, 2018: New York, NY – TERAJ will release his highly anticipated debut EP DEFY, Pt. 1 on April 27, 2018. Pre-orders available on iTunes and Google Play starting April 15th!


Produced by Danny Bobby, Vezzo and Teraj, himself, DEFY, Pt. 1 is a fusion of Pop, R&B, and EDM that showcases Teraj’s soulful voice, songwriting chops and the creation of his own unique and refreshing sound.

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BRASH! Sept/Oct ’17 Cover Artist, Teraj, Releases New Dance Track “Give It Up”

Former NY model and personality TERAJ releases “Give It Up”, the 2nd single from his highly anticipated debut album DEFY. This new dance track, produced by Bobby Danny,  will get you up on the floor. As soon as the song starts, you’re ready to give in to the beat while Teraj’s vocals keeps you there his lyrics challenges you to stay in the groove.

“I pull you on the dance floor hoping that your skills are worthy/ You drop it down low, bring it back, come hither, work me/ Got me looking like James, feeling good baby don’t hurt me/ Now it’s my turn babe…” Teraj sings in one verse of “Give It Up”.

You may also want to add this track to your run/workout playlist!...

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MCXV: “Give It Up” for Teraj, latest single a banger

A rush of upbeat fun to get the dance floor moving is what “Give It Up” brings.

Teraj dropped his second single “Give It Up” Friday, October 27. The single comes after his debut single “We Got Each Other” and is leading up to his debut album “Defy.” On a Saturday afternoon Teraj takes five from a “crazy day recording” for a phone interview to talk about his latest track that creates a tune easy to dance to.

The song was written a while back when Teraj used to hit up the nightlife scene. When going out he was also looking for someone that would standout, a special girl that could level up to his intensity on the dance floor.

“I’m a crazy dancer. It’s hard to match that vibration,” Teraj said.

Through his banger he states it best what type of girl he’s looking for on the dance floor.

“I pull you on the dance floor hoping that your skills are worthy/ You drop it down low, bring it back, come hither, work me/ Got me looking like James, feeling good baby don’t hurt me/ Now it’s my turn babe…” Teraj sings in one verse of “Give It Up"...

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MEET TERAJ! The Latest Cover Artist for BRASH! Magazine

New season new BRASH! Kicking off our Fall Season, R&B/Pop singer Teraj and ushering us in with his inspiring story of taking chances and keeping his passion in music alive! Along with being an artist, this talent has spent time in front of the camera modeling for major brands and using his social media influence to take everyone on his journey in music and entertainment.

The Sept/Oct ’17 issue also features music releases, exclusive interviews, and highlighting moguls within the Indie Scene. Check out what these brands are doing for independent artists and MAKING NOISE in their own way!

The Sept/Oct ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine will hit your digital waves on September 16, 2017! Stay tuned…

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Singersroom: INTERVIEWS Singer/Model TERAJ Talks Single ‘We Got Each Other,’ Transition To Music, Architecture, Family Support & More

By Dominique Carson

TERAJ is a recording artist who is truly on the rise! At the age of 32, he is a remarkable singer, songwriter, model, and dancer. His creative journey in the arts began when he was a child and it molded into an incredible artist. Despite his rough living conditions in Miami, TERAJ was determined to have a career in the artists.

TERAJ took advantage of every opportunity that was presented to him, including earning a degree from Ivy League institution Cornell University and modeling. Even though singing and performing was just around the corner, he partakes in modeling for more notoriety. After a test photo shoot, TERAJ became the “go-to” model for music videos. He was cast in numerous music videos such as “23” by Mike Will Made It featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J, and “Stack It Up!” by Meek Mill and Alley Boy.

TERAJ established a successful modeling career, but music called his name. In 2016, he returned to music by recording a single “We Got Each Other” and worked on an EP. This man accomplished a great deal, but for TERAJ, this is just the beginning!

Singersroom.com conversed with TERAJ about his dedication to music, modeling, and his new single...

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TUC Magazine: Next Up- R&B Singer, Model , and Social Media Influencer Teraj

With a soulful and intriguing sound , Teraj is redefining R&B with his upcoming album DEFY which he co- produced. He’s made a name for himself in the modeling, acting , and real estate world with some popular names such as Hermes and YSL to name a few.

Furthermore , he’s also been featured on bravo’s hit show “Million Dollar Listing New York”. His first single “We Got Each Other” converges elements of pop and R&B to make a masterpiece .

He’s the epitome of somebody that is multi faceted and talented at Anything he touches and pursues . Check out his single which is available on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify.

 Breanna: When did you first start getting into the creative fields such as acting, modelling, and music?

 Teraj: I’ve been involved in the arts ever since I was a kid. I grew up acting, dancing, drawing and painting. A lot of my acting was through my home church, Antioch of Liberty City, and the Florida East Coast Congress of Christian Education. I often landed the leading role in plays and theatrical performances hosted by the Congress’ annual summer show, which is a large scale production. It’s funny remembering that my church family would always say that I was a young Denzel.

It wasn’t until the latter half of high school that I started to show my talent as a singer. Instead of auditioning as an actor for a leading role, I decided that I would finally take a shot at singing live on stage and I landed an opportunity to sing in honor of Grammy Award recipient, Oliver Wells. It was such a surreal experience because the moment that I opened my mouth to sing, I felt an instant transformation as if I found my purpose. At the end of that performance I received a standing ovation from a few thousand attendees, it was insane! From that moment forward, I knew that singing was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life...

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Rolling Out Magazine: Miami-born artist and social media influencer Teraj enjoys life’s big moments

By Yvette Caslin

Sexy, soulful and skilled, Teraj is reinvigorating R&B with his upcoming album DEFY. A former New York model and real estate agent, Teraj has made a name for himself modeling for brands like Hermes, YSL and Aeropostale, and as a reality TV personality with numerous appearances on Bravo’s hit show “Million Dollar Listing New York.”

However, Teraj got his start in NYC while attending Cornell University and secured a residency as a singer at the popular Iguana Lounge in Midtown Manhattan, and now the rising star has co-produced his first album featuring eight brand-new tracks that he wrote as well!

His first single, “We Got Each Other,” masterfully blends the sounds of pop and R&B. Teraj is truly unlike any other artist on the scene and is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal.

Do you actively seek inspiration or does it find you? Or is it a combination of the two?
I’d say there’s definitely a bit of both when it comes to inspiration. I’m constantly surrounded by it. Oftentimes it finds me, and I soak it up like a sponge. Musically speaking, my mind is always and uncontrollably focused on music. I often wake up with songs in my head that were fully written in my dreams. It’s kind of crazy. There are several songs I’ve written in the past, or more accurately I’ve transcribed or acted a vessel from which music comes through, as a result of music from dreams.

Other times, life experiences provide lots of inspiration, whether stemming from love, loss, struggle or triumph...

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MCXV Feature: Shining star Teraj looks to turn artistic passion into philanthropy, "Defy"ing all odds

Growing up in Miami with seven siblings and a single mother is what ultimately inspired Teraj as an artist.

Friday Teraj dropped his single “We Got Each Other” a track featured on his upcoming album “Defy” expected to release in September. The title of the album “represents everything,” Teraj says, “defying the odds, overcoming every obstacle.” Before Teraj became a songwriter, dancer or a model, he first learned how to overcome challenges in life and saw this through his mother.

Teraj’s father passed away early so it was up to his mother to take care of him along with his four sisters and three brothers. Even on a $14,000 salary his mother pulled off “a miracle” Teraj says, explaining she raised them well in the inner city of Miami; and still to this day Teraj is amazed knowing all she did with what little she had. This internal strength combined with support from family helped him go further when practicing the arts.

So when did Teraj know we wanted to become an artist?

Ever since Teraj was a little boy he would draw and allow his imagination to take him where his artistic eye took it. When it came to coloring books Teraj didn’t like those because he’d rather draw the images than color something already created by someone else.

Combine his early itch to create art with living in a city like Miami where he was immersed in an artistic culture, he was destined to become an artist.

“It evolved as I grew up. Acting, singing and dancing,” he said.

Singing was something he whipped out of the blue during a ceremony honoring Oliver Wells for his support with a performing arts program. While Teraj was into acting at the time, he realized singing created a special feeling.

“It was something that I never experienced before,” Teraj said. “I exposed everyone to this hidden talent that I had. From that moment forward, I knew this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Afterwards he performed as often as he could. When he enrolled into Cornell University studying architecture and minoring in dance, he also joined the university’s iconic a cappella group, The Class Notes. While he learned of the culture of New York and brushed up on his vocals, he began writing his own music and when studying abroad booked shows overseas in Dublin, Paris and Rome. In New York, he performed as a regular at the Iguana Lounge in midtown Manhattan.

As the first male to go off to college in his family he’s learned the importance of higher education and encourages others to seek higher learning as it has helped his career.

“That network was the most important part for me,” Teraj said. “Make sure college is one of your top priorities. It will definitely change your life.”

One connection that he didn’t see coming was his “in” in the modeling industry. While hanging out on a beach with his friends photos were taken that landed on social media. From those photos Seth London, professional fashion photographer, discovered Teraj. London reached out and not long after Teraj saw his credentials he took the bus to head to his first professional photo shoot.

Continuing to make a name for himself as a model he walked the runway during NY Fashion Week. After rocking top of the line brands such as Aeropostal, Calvin Kein, Hermès, YSL and Zara, Teraj later found himself getting booked for music videos back-to-back weeks. Music videos he appeared in include the following: “23” by Mike will Made It featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, and “Stack It Up!” by Meek Mill and Alley Boy.

“Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Teraj said about the way he exploded on the modeling scene.

Last calendar year Teraj focused on creating music. With his debut album “Defy” set to drop September 8, Teraj says he’s feeling surreal as his single “We Got Each Other” dropped last Friday, July 7.

This album will include songs listeners can vibe and dance to, says the Pop and R&B music artist. With a sound familiar to Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson mixed with contemporary and 2017 dance music, is what this “uplifting album” will sound like says Teraj.

While Teraj is always looking to do more, there’s one ultimate goal he’s working toward as an artist.

“Get involved in philanthropy,” Teraj said. And “bring back the voice that used to reach out and touch people. I want a fusion of those two components.”

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Salute Magazine: Teraj Releases Debut “We Got Each Other”

Pop/R&B newcomer Teraj has released his first single “We Got Each Other“. The song is the lead single off his debut album DEFY which is set to come out at the end of the Summer.

“We Got Each Other” is an up-tempo Pop/R&B song that will put a smile on your face and rhythm in your body. The song is fun and sexy, but more importantly, it’s quality music. The dance-worthy track perfectly showcases Teraj’s soulful voice. Especially, towards the end where he plays with his voice and shows off a little.

The inspiration behind the song is all of the support that Teraj has gotten for his music career. Not too long ago this single and his upcoming project were just ideas. However, through the power of the support of others, and his incredible talents, Teraj has been able to bring to life something that he’s always dreamed about. According to him, “The song is about building each other up, fostering a sense of community, and being there for each other no matter what.” It’s his “thank you letter” to all of his supporters...

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Salute Interview: Pop/R&B Newcomer Teraj

As a singer-songwriter, model, and a New York City real estate agent, Teraj is here to show the world that he can do it all and then some. Traveling all the way from Miami to NYC, he initially went North for an education.  As a result, he has become an accomplished model, social media influencer, and a versatile talent.

Teraj has appeared on Bravo‘s hit series Million Dollar Listing and Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live. He was also cast in Mike WiLL Made-It music video for “23” featuring Miley CyrusWiz KhalifaJuicy J and Alley Boy‘s “Stack It Up!” featuring Meek Mill.

Not to mention, he’s walked down plenty of runways for New York Fashion Week; and has an extensive amount of work as a model.

Now he’s a successful real estate agent, who’s ready to launch his music career. Teraj’s hot new single “We Got Each Other”, will be available on July 7th through iTunes.

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