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Defy expectations- Stepping up and stepping out with Teraj


Teraj is an accomplished model, dancer, and social media influencer. He’s following his dreams and just recorded his debut album, Defy. You might have seen Teraj in music videos with Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa or Miley Cyrus- or even on Million Dollar Listing! We chat about his humble beginnings and how he doesn’t let growing up “in the hood” define who he is or his circumstances. He explains how his upbringing actually had an impact on his success.

He talks about how he pays the bills as a real-estate agent and model, to fund his life-long passion for music. Teraj gives tips for balancing multiple jobs as an entrepreneur. Also, we discuss how crowdfunding provided him the opportunity to produce deeply personal music with a positive message, influenced by superstars Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Don’t miss this episode of the LoudaVision podcast featuring Teraj’s debut single “We got each other” off his EP album Defy.

Photo credit: Seth London

Facebook and Twitter: @IamTeraj
Instagram: @Teraj08

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TERAJ on "My Celebrity Life"


"My Celebrity Life" interview with New Pop/R&B sensation TERAJ, a NYC based model drops his new single “We Got Each Other”

Release date:

7 July 2017

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Indie Up Radio featuring Teraj


D-Hour Radio Network interview with Teraj

Its Indie Up Radio on the D-Hour Radio network and on this show as always we will be bringing you all the hits from new, amateur, unknown, and up and coming (R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Neo-Soul) artists! We'll be bringing you interviews from new, amateur, and independent artists. Don't forget to listen to all our Indie artists hits. We will be giving you all of this at the top of D-Hour!!! Its Saturday so just sit back relax and hang out with hosts Celebrity the Producer and Kandi K! On this show we will be talking with amazing Indie R&B singer Teraj and we will also be talking with fantastic Indie hip hop artist Semaj.

Release date:

4 August 2017

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