MCXV: “Give It Up” for Teraj, latest single a banger

By Gino Terrell

A rush of upbeat fun to get the dance floor moving is what “Give It Up” brings.

Teraj dropped his second single “Give It Up” Friday, October 27. The single comes after his debut single “We Got Each Other” and is leading up to his debut album “Defy.” On a Saturday afternoon Teraj takes five from a “crazy day recording” for a phone interview to talk about his latest track that creates a tune easy to dance to.

The song was written a while back when Teraj used to hit up the nightlife scene. When going out he was also looking for someone that would standout, a special girl that could level up to his intensity on the dance floor.

“I’m a crazy dancer. It’s hard to match that vibration,” Teraj said.

Through his banger he states it best what type of girl he’s looking for on the dance floor.

“I pull you on the dance floor hoping that your skills are worthy/ You drop it down low, bring it back, come hither, work me/ Got me looking like James, feeling good baby don’t hurt me/ Now it’s my turn babe…” Teraj sings in one verse of “Give It Up.”

While every track on “Defy” is written and co-produced by Teraj he’s getting some help from his producer Danny Bobby.

“He’s phenomenal,” Teraj said of Bobby.

They vibe off each other and Bobby can tell what Teraj wants before he even has to say it, Teraj said of their match-made chemistry. Throw in that Bobby works fast and stays humble about his work Teraj is thankful the two have worked together.

Since Teraj has been locked in on his music career this year the former dancer and model has learned something about himself when it comes to creating music.

“Its an awesome way to express myself without showing restraint,” Teraj said.

When it comes to putting in the work he’s so passionate about it.

“When I’m in the zone it doesn’t feel like work,” he said.

He also doesn’t mind creating his own sound to create a different feel than other contemporary artists. With the feedback he’s been getting after releasing his first two singles, it leaves him speechless because of how well people have been receiving his music.

“I can’t even put it into words,” Teraj said. “I don’t take it for granted.”

It makes people want to dance and people are calling it a banger, Teraj said.

Looking to create more music that’s fun and upbeat he’s showing people a different side of himself. Most people think of Teraj, the former real estate agent who once made appearances on Bravo network’s reality show Million Dollar Listings New York, as very serious, he said. For Teraj, there’s no better way to express this fun side of himself than through music.

“Give It Up” is available on SpotifyiTunes and Tidal.